The Bedford, Briarose, Clover & Annandale Ry.

  • 20 Jun 1997 - Surveying and preparing to break ground.
  • 10 Nov 1996 - Revamped outline for Briarrose. Finally updated the web site. Getting ready to survey the site for Briarose, which it has been decided will be the first construction project.
  • 17 Sep 1996 - Redesigned most of the layout (Right of Way negotiations).
  • 10 May 1996 - Unfortunately, the store that the gift certificate comes from doesn't carry any of these items...
  • 2 Mar 1996 - Thanks to a generous donation, The BBC&A has a current budget of US$110, which will be put to the purchase of some Llagas Creek Switching hardware (or an AristoCraft controller)
  • 20 Feb 1996 - Put up the BBC&A pages.